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Joanne van Harmelen

How does EPO opinion on patentability of plants and animals affect South Africa?

Healthcare & Life Sciences - South Africa

The European Patent Office Enlarged Board of Appeal may have ended the debate on the patentability of plants and animals which are exclusively obtained by essentially biological processes by ruling that these are not patentable.

François Willems

Trademark fluidity – not only humans are social distancing

Intellectual Property - International

Only a few weeks ago, the phrase 'social distancing' was not part of daily conversations.

Rafael Ribeiro

What now of the Faustian bargain? Moro's exit and its impact on anti-corruption efforts

White Collar Crime - Brazil
Hogan Lovells

The resignation of former Operation Car Wash judge and world-renowned anti-corruption crusader Sergio Moro as minister of justice and public safety sent shockwaves throughout Brazil's political class.

McFalloughn Bowleg

COVID-19: summary of legislation enacted in relation to corporate regulations and businesses

Private Client & Offshore Services - Bahamas
Lennox Paton

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the governor general declared a public state of emergency and implemented the Emergency Powers (COVID-19) Regulations 2020.

Marie Berard

Court of Appeal clarifies principles for determining law of arbitration agreement

Arbitration & ADR - United Kingdom
Clifford Chance

In a recent decision, the Court of Appeal granted an anti-suit injunction restraining the defendants from pursuing Russian court proceedings in breach of a London arbitration clause.

Patrick McGauley

COVID-19 Weekly Report (25-31 May 2020)

Aviation - International
International Law Office

The impact of COVID-19 is being felt in almost every work area across the globe.



Aviation industry trends

Aviation / Argentina, Bahamas, Brazil, Germany


Cybersecurity: trends and issues

Tech, Data, Telecoms & Media / Belgium, China, European Union, Mexico, Russia, Switzerland, Taiwan