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Ameet Datta

Moral rights: can authors waive their special rights?

Intellectual Property - India
Saikrishna & Associates

The Copyright Act specifically addresses authors' special rights, which comprise the right to claim authorship of a work and the right to prevent any distortion, modification or mutilation of a work which would be prejudicial to the author's reputation.

Costanza Mariconda

Supreme Court of Cassation rules on nullity of arbitral award for late delivery of decision

Arbitration & ADR - Italy
Mariconda e Associati Studio Legale

A recent Supreme Court of Cassation decision found that parties alleging nullity of an arbitral award for the late delivery of the decision must notify the other parties and arbitrators before the award's deliberation.

Keith Robinson

Round-up of recent trust cases

Private Client & Offshore Services - Bermuda
Carey Olsen (Guernsey)

In 2018 the Bermuda courts issued several important decisions in trust cases.

Rachel Devon

Genetic characteristics: developing form of discrimination

Employment & Benefits - Canada

Employers should be mindful of a newly recognised form of discrimination that has captured the attention of legislators and the Canadian public: genetic discrimination.

Kristin Graham Koehler

Eighth Circuit tightens False Claims Act pleading requirements

Healthcare & Life Sciences - USA
Sidley Austin LLP

A recent US Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit decision follows a growing trend among courts in tightening False Claims Act pleading requirements.

Charlotte Henschen

Court of Appeal: agency is not always enough to engage law of bribery and secret commissions

Litigation - United Kingdom

The Court of Appeal recently held that a seller paying a fee to an acquisition agent without the buyer's knowledge does not render the contract for sale void or voidable.



Three’s a crowd? Third-party arbitration funding

Arbitration & ADR / Canada, Cyprus, Greece, India, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom


Uber-complex: regulating ride-hail services

Shipping & Transport / Finland, USA


Competition and antitrust in the digital age

Competition & Antitrust / Bulgaria, Czech Republic, European Union, Hungary, Mexico, Pakistan, Poland, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey