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Alyssa LeBlanc

Cost of intimidation: what not to do when terminating employees

Employment & Benefits - Canada

A recent Court of Appeal decision demonstrates the high cost of bad faith when terminating a senior employee for cause.

Maciej Durbas

State court not obliged to review arbitral case file

Arbitration & ADR - Poland
Kubas Kos Gałkowski

In post-arbitral proceedings, parties challenging an unfavourable award or its enforcement often argue that they were deprived of the right to present their case or that the tribunal violated the rules of procedure or committed some other procedural error and often request the state courts to order the tribunal to present the arbitral case file.

Koketso Molope

How a 'House of Bonang' can house its intellectual property

Intellectual Property - South Africa

Many celebrities extend their brands by venturing into various industries, such as Bonang Matheba who recently launched her own range of sparkling wine.

Andrew J Heck

New Jersey Supreme Court signals potential sea change in scope of damages in auto accident cases

Shipping & Transport - USA
Wilson Elser

New Jersey's 'no-fault' automobile insurance scheme has been the subject of repeated reforms over the past 40 years.

Robert Gilroy

Summary judgment applications: analysing Weir-Jones and its application in BF

Litigation - Canada

The Alberta Court of Appeal recently clarified the test for summary judgment applications.

Andreas Fankhauser

Air traffic controller convictions draw criticism

Aviation - Switzerland
Proton Legal LLC

Air traffic controller and pilot organisations have criticised recent convictions handed down in Switzerland for operational incidents that resulted in neither injury nor damage.



Three’s a crowd? Third-party arbitration funding

Arbitration & ADR / Canada, Cyprus, Greece, India, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom


Uber-complex: regulating ride-hail services

Shipping & Transport / Finland, USA


Competition and antitrust in the digital age

Competition & Antitrust / Bulgaria, Czech Republic, European Union, Hungary, Mexico, Pakistan, Poland, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey